Our Story

Made from 17 varieties of Irish apples and produced in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Bulmers is 100% Irish. From blossom to bar at every step of the journey, craft and care is poured into every glass of gold. We’ll drink to that.

Our Campaign

When it comes to harvesting Bulmers Light, it’s never as simple as it seems. Down in the Bulmers Orchard, we’ve got a whole team of catchers on hand to collect the Bulmers Light apples. You’ve got to keep a watchful eye on them. You see, they’re floaty little devils. We’d go so far as to say that Bulmers Light is lightness itself. Fermented from our 17 varieties of Irish apples, they’ve got that unmistakable Bulmers refreshment and taste at a fraction of the calories. That’s right, just 84 calories per 300 ml! Floaty and flavoursome, that’s Bulmers Light.

Our New Look

Our packaging is inspired by the classic Bulmers original bottle and champions the vats in Clonmel by putting them front and centre of our new bottles. The vats mark Bulmers’ place in history and reflects the craft, care, innovation, ambition and pride on which the brand has been built upon.

Our Products

The Bulmers Irish Cider range has something for everyone. We are 99.9% sure you’ll find a flavour to tickle your taste-buds.