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Our Stories

Bulmers Christmas

At Bulmers, we believe that Christmas is also a kind of harvest. The harvest of another year's labour when we settle back with family and friends and enjoy an abundance of that most precious crop. Time.

Celebrate the festive season with friends and enter our Christmas competition to win a trip to the Big Apple. Simply visit your local, order a pint of Bulmers and scan the QR code on your glass to be in with a chance to win! 'Tis the Season, When Time Bears Fruit.

The Drum

Bulmers is the result of a lot of hard work. We can't take credit for it all, of course. Nature does a lot of the heavy lifting. However, since 1935 we've put in the time and effort to create something truly remarkable. And putting in the time is what The Drum is all about. Practice makes perfect. There's no shortcut. But when you get there, when all that hard work pays off, the result is all the more refreshing and rewarding.

Alchemy of the Orchard

Time together is when time really bears fruit. That's what it all leads to. The moment, with friends, when we can celebrate the joy of each other's company. The human connection that is the something everything's been leading to. In this commercial we brought this idea to life by bringing the orchard to life and intertwining its magic with a group of friends gathering. With a band supplying the driving soundtrack that propels the action to its ultimate conclusion. That first refreshing sip. The moment, when time bears fruit.

Bulmers Begins with a Bee

The story of every pint of Bulmers begins with a bee. That's brought to life in this film that recreates the timeline from bee pollinating an apple blossom to the creating of 17 varieties of Irish apples, to 18 months of fermentation, to that glorious moment when time bears fruit. This campaign is all about helping to save Ireland's endangered bees. They are vital to us and all life. During the campaign, from every pack of Bulmers bought, a contribution is made to the Irish pollinator pathway and, in addition, we're planting over 2,000 apple trees to create pesticide-free nutrition and habitat for all our bees and pollinators.

Floaty Little Devils

When it comes to harvesting Bulmers Light, it's never as simple as it seems. We've got a whole team of catchers on hand to collect the Bulmers Light apples. You've got to keep a watchful eye on them. You see, they're floaty little devils. We'd go so far as to say that Bulmers Light is lightness itself. Fermented from our 17 varieties of Irish apples, they've got that unmistakable Bulmers refreshment but a fraction of the calories. That's right, just 84 calories per 300 ml. Floaty and flavoursome, that's Bulmers Light.

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