Thanks For Entering The Bulmers Bee Hotel Competition

We are committed to safeguarding the future of bees in Ireland. With your help, we’re taking that commitment far beyond the walls of the Bulmers Orchard.

Our next step starts with setting up over 500 Bulmers Bee Hotels all across the country.

Why Bees?

Ireland Needs Its Bees!

They’re responsible for pollinating not just our flowers but our hedgerows, trees and crops. There’s a problem, however. Human activity has drastically reduced the amount of food and safe nesting sites around Ireland. As a result, one third of Ireland’s 99 bee species are threatened with extinction.

People mistakenly think Honeybees are in danger but it’s their friends, the 98 different wild bees that need our help; Solitary Bees (77) and Bumblebees (21). They need food and more places to nest in order to survive.

Solitary Bees and Bumblebees are total winners when it comes to pollination, as their body shape makes them much more efficient pollinators than honeybees, making them vital for our ecosystem and biodiversity.

How Can Bee Hotels Help?

Bee Hotels are designed to help cavity nesting solitary bees by providing them with a safe place to nest. Ultimately, they give the species a better chance of survival. The canes within each hotel act as a safe place for the females to nest and lay their eggs. The young spend the winter in the nest and are fully hatched in time for summer when they begin the pollination cycle all over again.

Why Do Bees Matter So Much To Bulmers?

As you know, Bulmers is made from 17 apple varieties. A huge part of that process are the Honeybees that forage and pollinate our apple trees. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

Our bees are called Apis mellifera (the dark european Honeybees) and are well taken care of by our Bulmers beekeeper Gerry and our on-site farmer, Eamonn.

However, we’re committed to acting in the best interest of all pollinators. It’s why we’re proud members of the incredible All Ireland Pollinator Plan. Our commitment to pollination goes well beyond the Bulmers Orchard:

We maintain 13 kilometres of healthy hedgerows around the Orchard to support wild bees, pollinators and nesting birds.

To better take care of our honeybees, our Bulmers Apiary acts as a home to a total of 15 hives as well as the South Tipperary Beekeepers Association.

With the help of Peter Dowdall, The Irish Gardener, we’ve armed our Bulmers team with Irish wildflower seeding kits and lots of other information on how they can help pollinators in their own garden.

Now you can get in on the action too. With our Bulmer Bee Hotels, together we can provide safe places for bees all across Ireland.

How Do I Set Up My Bulmers Bee Hotel?

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